Moving from ‘I hope’ to ‘I know’….

I have recently been working with a few Senior Leaders on implementation strategies for whole school projects they are leading.

I often hear them say ‘I hope it will’ when we talk about the stages of implementation. So how do we change the ‘I hope’ to ‘I know’?

Is it confidence? Self belief? That there are too many variables that are not in their control? Fear of judgment if it doesn’t go to plan?

It’s good to plan for all possible outcomes but if we focus too much on these, they take over.

Focusing on the things you can control as you work to put all of the active ingredients together is one strategy.

A psychologically safe environment where people learn more when things don’t go exactly to plan, encourages taking measured risks is a healthy place to work. This builds confidence.

However a mindset of I can, I will and I know as you trust the processes you have worked so hard to develop, should help to eliminate ‘let’s hope’ and ‘I hope’.

If you hear yourself ‘I hope’ focus on you mindset why not try the above.

If someone you line manage someone who says ’I hope’, think about you can help them to shift their mindset, in a psychologically safe environment.

It would be great to hear how other support colleagues to shift from ‘hope’ to ‘I know.

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