Sharon Waterman

Managing Director and Founder

My mission is to help others become the best version of themselves.

Throughout my career I have been privileged to hold a number of senior leadership and executive positions which have enabled me to work with some amazing people. I have always sought to leverage my strengths to help others be the best version of themselves, but often found that, due to the pressures of a busy work schedule as a senior leader,  the coaching style that I brought to the relationships I developed with my colleagues didn’t always allow me to follow a ‘strengths-based’ approach due to the pressures that school leaders are under on a daily basis.

Indeed, as a leader myself I often felt swamped with initiative overdrive and yearned for the opportunity to have a safe space where I could openly share my thoughts, ideas and feelings without the fear of being judged. Somewhere I could really focus on how I might put my own strengths to better use. 

Prior to completing a professional coaching qualification, I felt that too often coaching was thought of as a deficit, fix it model, where the coach was allocated to someone who had an issue or a problem that needed resolving. Don’t get me wrong… Coaching – utilising skilful listening and questioning – can help individuals find solutions, but it can also do so much more than that..

I am now able to challenge these perceptions of coaching as I know that with the right strengths-based approach we can unlock the potential of so many to truly help them become the best versions of themselves. It is this realisation that has led me to where I am today; empowering me to work with individuals and organisations to help them become the best version of themselves, and has inspired the creation of Waterman Coaching and Consultancy. 

As Managing Director and Founder Waterman Coaching and Consultancy I can offer the following:

  • Education Consultancy to support school improvement
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching for both individuals and teams
  • Life Coaching to help individuals to reach their potential and desired results
  • Life Coaching for wellbeing and nutrition

For the whole of my career I have been committed to my professional development gaining the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Education Honors from DeMontfort University 
  • National Professional Qualification for Headship 
  • Nation College of School Leadership – Associate Academy Principal Programme 
  • Accredited Performance Coach 
  • NLP Coach and Practitioner